Congress Just Missed Its Chance to Starve the Planned Parenthood Beast

I’m a military guy. I joined because of 9/11 and served two deployments. America is worth fighting for and there are many reasons why.

One of the lessons reinforced by my military service is that life is our first freedom. Without it, no other right has value.
The protection of life — regardless of its circumstance — is therefore a moral and righteous cause, and America’s birth gave us a built-in solution.

Remember, life gives value to all other rights. Before we understand free speech and prosperity from free markets, we must have life. Life gives everything context and meaning. This is the frame all conservatives must adopt. And they must (courageously) adopt it now.

Congress missed the opportunity to value life when it passed the Continuing Resolution (HR 2028) yesterday.

Let facts be submitted to a candid world …

American tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood. The group provides abortions-on-demand on an industrial scale. Abortion — if done as intended — ends life in the womb. Abortion doesn’t just take life, it kills the context of life.

Politicians hide this truth with gamesmanship, legalism, fake statesmanship, and false equivalencies. They use well-developed tactics to obfuscate the truth: that all taxpaying Americans give money to kill babies.

When you hear, “we’ll pass this so we can get other things done,” that’s nothing more than gamesmanship.

And when politicians try this, “the CR specifically says no money for abortions,” that’s legalism.

My favorite is, “this bill has some good and some bad things, but I’m satisfied we have a good deal.” That’s fake statesmanship.

And lastly, “we have to avoid a government shutdown.” That’s a false equivalent.

The power of the purse is America’s built-in solution for defending life. All revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives, as only Congress has the power to tax. The federal government can only spend money when Congress authorizes it.

Congress is the first and last body responsible for your taxes paying for abortions. Imagine an abortionist cutting the tiny limbs of a recoiling baby in the womb. Congress could do that to money for Planned Parenthood.

Congress can abort Planned Parenthood.

The Constitution is a weapon for defending life. We must wield it without apology. When Congress funds all of the government in a mega-spend-fund-everything bill — like continuing resolutions — it does not protect life as long as your money funds abortions.

Every politician swears the exact same oath as every military officer. Google it. There are some powerful ideas in it. The reason is that the men and women who represent us in Congress should be held to the same standard as the men and women who fight and die on the battlefield, because they both are in the business of defending life and giving context to all other rights.

The difference is that the military doesn’t make excuses when it comes to matters of life and death.

Politicians do. (For more from the author of “Congress Just Missed Its Chance to Starve the Planned Parenthood Beast” please click HERE)

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