Democrats Shouldn’t Blame Russia. They Should Blame Jill Stein

Blame Russia for Hillary’s losing White House bid? Try Jill Stein.

It wasn’t Vladimir Putin who picked up tens of thousands of votes in key battleground states that Clinton needed to win. Stein earned more votes than Clinton lost to Trump by in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Meaning, had most of those voters voted for Clinton, rather than Stein, Clinton could have won the election.

That’s not all, though. These three states — Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — also happen to be the three states where Stein sought recounts that Clinton supported. Recounts that validated Clinton’s loss.

The result of the Wisconsin recount announced last night showcases Clinton’s weaknesses far better than Putin ever could. The Wisconsin recount confirmed Trump’s win and awarded him an additional 131 votes.

That’s right. Clinton, by supporting Stein’s recount, actually helped Trump get more votes.

Meanwhile, Stein walks away with millions in unspent recount funds. Millions more than Stein ever raised for her presidential campaign.

What did Clinton get out of the recount? Nothing but another humiliation.

It’s mystifying Clinton would ever participate in such an exercise when you break it down.

First, Clinton gave money to Stein who, arguably, cost Clinton the election. Not only that. Clinton gave money to Stein to contest results in a state where Stein won only one percent of the vote. A state where Clinton’s own counsel said there was no evidence of tampering. A state that Clinton didn’t even bother to campaign in during the general election.

Who in Clinton world thought this was a good idea? What could have possibly been gained?

Maybe this is why the Democrats are so eager to blame Russia. It’s easier for them believe in fantasies of Putin’s evil election-rigging than believe Clinton’s presidential campaign could be so incompetent.

Putin didn’t dupe America. Stein sure is duping the Democrats, though. (For more from the author of “Democrats Shouldn’t Blame Russia. They Should Blame Jill Stein” please click HERE)

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