Expert: Scientific Studies No Longer Trustworthy

Don’t eat that! It will cause cancer. Wait, eat more of it! It will actually cure cancer.

A high-fat diet will make you obese! No wait, actually, a high-fat diet is the best way to get in shape!

It seems every day Americans are bombarded with breathless, contradictory headlines about their health. For Americans hoping to lose weight and avoid chronic illness, even reading the morning paper can be a baffling or infuriating process, as millions are told last week’s fad diet is now this week’s dangerous health risk.

But the phenomenon isn’t just a minor frustration. Science as a whole is suffering a “reproducibility crisis.”

For a discovery to have any value, different scientists repeating the same experiment under the same conditions need to get the same results. Yet research shows half of the medical studies trumpeted by the establishment media are found to be worthless after follow-up scrutiny. (Read more from “Expert: Scientific Studies No Longer Trustworthy” HERE)

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