Snowden Tweets: Microsoft Confirms Cyberattack Spawned From NSA

National Security Agency (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden, currently living in exile in Russia, issued a tweet on Sunday explaining computer giant Microsoft “officially confirms” Friday’s cyberattack was spawned from exploits originally created by the NSA.

The alleged theft of the NSA hacking tools was originally published in April. An article by CNN last month said the NSA’s press office did not respond to an email at that time to confirm the information originated at the agency.

Snowden provided a link to an article on Microsoft’s blog written by the company’s President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith where he detailed information about the cyberattack that spread through malicious “Wannacrypt” software on Friday affecting computer users worldwide. . . . The software blocked users from their data unless they paid a ransom thin bitcoin. (Read more from “Snowden Tweets: Microsoft Confirms Cyberattack Spawned From NSA” HERE)

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