Chuck Norris on What Almost Killed His Wife

In 2013, my wife, Gena, began to suffer from an undefined, escalating and debilitating illness that ultimately landed her in a hospital emergency room and on hold for multiple nights of tests and observation. Doctors checked her for everything from cancer to ALS, Parkinson’s to multiple sclerosis; they were completely baffled . . .

During consultations, it was brought up several times that, before the onset of her condition, Gena had three MRIs in one week to evaluate some discomfort she was experiencing from an arthritic condition. While doctors didn’t see this as a factor, Gena and I began to see a connection.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – commonly known as an MRI – is a growing and routine medical imaging technique used in radiology to form pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body. To generate a better image, a contrast dye is often injected into the area. The chemical agent most commonly used is a heavy metal called gadolinium. One of every three patients undergoing an MRI scan is injected with the contrast agent, gadolinium. Doctors have long insisted that gadolinium is quickly expelled from the body through the kidneys following this procedure. While this is generally true, we are coming to find that this is not the case with all patients.

What current research is revealing is that, for some, gadolinium can accumulate in tissues, including brain, bone and kidneys, creating a debilitating disease. When this happens, patients can become chronically ill, in constant pain, and cannot mentally perform even routine tasks. Some say that they have lost their zest for living; that they feel their lives slipping away. This was Gena.

This revelation about the source of her condition led us to Dr. Bruce Fong at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center in Reno, Nevada, a facility known for its success in combining conventional and alternative therapies in confronting illness. He quickly was able to confirm our theory. Tests revealed that the gadolinium, which was supposed to be gone from her body hours after each MRI, had remained at levels that were literally off the charts. Once Dr. Fong’s initial treatment restored Gena’s health to the point she was able to travel, we returned to Texas and the care of Dr. Alfred Johnson, a doctor of internal medicine with special interest in the area of chronic illness and environmental medicine. Dr. Johnson helped direct a course of treatment that would ultimately lead to her recovery. (Read more from “Chuck Norris on What Almost Killed His Wife” HERE)

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