Twitter Blocked Pro-Life Ads

Emails released by Live Action confirm that Twitter has been suppressing the group’s pro-life ad content.

Content related to defunding Planned Parenthood and ultrasound images of pre-born children are deemed by Twitter to be offensive. The social media company also banned tweets on investigations by Live Action and the Center for Medical Progress.

Twitter says the tweets violate its ad policy against “hate, sensitive topics, and violence.”

Live Action announced earlier this week that Twitter had been blocking its ads for some time, and the pro-life group had been trying to work with the social media company for months to resolve the issue.

Planned Parenthood is allowed to tweet that a woman has a right to an abortion, the pro-life group pointed out, and that those who oppose taxpayer-funded abortion are extremists. The abortion provider also says Planned Parenthood is needed. (Read more from “Twitter Blocked Pro-Life Ads” HERE)

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