Loser Federal Employee Quits Trump Admin ‘Because the People in Charge Want to Burn It Down’

A former employee of a federal agency announced Wednesday that the reason for his recent departure was mainly due to his belief that the Trump administration is essentially “burning down” the government.

Noah Kunin originally felt compelled to write following the 2016 presidential election that he was staying on as an engineer for 18F, an agency that is modeled after a startup and operates within the federal government’s General Services Administration (GSA). But roughly eight months later (and six months into President Donald Trump’s tenure) he changed his mind, citing his discomfort with Trump’s conduct.

Specifically, Kunin cited two events as the tipping points.

First was the pre-release of former FBI Director James Comey’s written remarks before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence . . .

The last straw for Kunin was that 18F — along with another larger service he helped create and its sibling organizations — is being reconfigured. He says that, to fully explain the whole ordeal, he would have to write a very lengthy “analytical piece.” Nevertheless, his primary grievance is that the commissioner of a particular agency soon to be higher up on the organizational hierarchy will “become a political position, with a person appointed directly by the White House” (emphasis his). (Read more from “Federal Employee Quits Trump Admin ‘Because the People in Charge Want to Burn It Down'” HERE)

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