Muslims Offended at Hearing Bible Verses, so Christians Prosecuted

After Muslims had a violent reaction as two street preachers cited quotes from the Bible, the preachers were brought to court by prosecutors in the United Kingdom – and now they’ve both been cleared of charges.

However, a British Christian organization warns the message the prosecutors sent throughout the dispute is alarming: Submit to Islam’s Shariah law, and the government will “enforce the Islamist agenda of prohibiting any criticism of Islam.”

According the international Christian ministry Barnabas Fund, street preachers Michael Stockwell and Michael Overd were convicted in a lower court but then found not guilty of inciting public disorder at Bristol Crown Court.

The lower-court decision, from Bristol Magistrates Court, founded them guilty of an offense under the Crime and Disorder Act, and although the appeals court cleared them, the message left by the prosecution is concerning, the Christian organization explained.

The two were confronted and badgered by passersby while they were preaching and citing quotations from the King James Bible, the group said. (Read more from “Muslims Offended at Hearing Bible Verses, so Christians Prosecuted” HERE)

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