Just as with progressivism’s pushback against the GOP’s spectacular Obamacare failure, there have also been obnoxious exaggerations aplenty concerning President Trump’s declaration on the place of the gender-confused in the U.S. armed forces.

Common sense says that place is exactly nowhere, because mixing mental illness with turning people into trained killers has generally been frowned upon by cultures that don’t hate themselves.

But this is America 2017, where Minnesota elementary school students may soon be asked by their teachers what their preferred pronoun is. You know, instead of automatically referring to them by bigoted and triggering terms like “boys” and “girls.” You have to start early, I guess, if you are operating under the premise that RuPaul should replace Steve Rogers as the super soldier of the future.

For psychosis poster boy Bruce Jenner, though, the future is now. He’s claiming there are 15,000 cross-dressers in the military right now. Which, of course, is just as much a ridiculous lie as the talking point “10 percent of Americans are homosexual” that we used to hear. Shocking, I know, that someone as well balanced as Jenner would simply pull some random numbers out of his fake boobs like that.

The right-wing blog known as the Associated Press reports that there are only in the neighborhood of 250 members of the military driven to potential self-mutilation. And neither the Pentagon nor the White House has released comprehensive data on members of the armed forces who identify as gender-confused. So Jenner, who is living a lie, is peddling a lie as well.

Sorry. Enough of actual facts and stuff. I know you don’t want that, but old habits die hard. I’m afflicted with a “truth orientation.” I can’t help myself. I’m the victim here.

Along those lines, spare me the talking point that “no patriot should be denied the right to serve their country.” One, there are standards for performance, psychosis, and physicality to serve in the military. So already, it’s not a “right,” as in the case of the 460-pound dude who was also denied his fake right to serve, because he was too fat. So he went and lost the weight to be up to snuff.

Similarly, if someone who previously served his or her country with distinction decided to get a face tat, or was discovered to have high blood pressure or anxiety disorder, he or she could also be immediately removed from active duty. So why isn’t that discrimination? Because you don’t have a right to serve, but must meet the standards for doing so. Oh, and you don’t get to set your own standards, either. Those are set for you. See, just because you can totally crush it on America Ninja Warrior doesn’t mean that emotionally you’re not a snowflake at heart.

Fact check: People claiming you have a right to serve in the military, when we already have a laundry list of physical/mental conditions that disqualify you from service, are propaganda ministers — not traders in compassion.

Because here’s what they won’t tell you: Those who deny their gender are eight times more likely to attempt suicide than the rest of us. I’ve been told repeatedly in the last few days that not celebrating the gender-confusion trend and the psychosis behind it makes me a hater, but I call it being a father.

I’m a father who recognizes that a culture urging those who are mutilating themselves to seek political advocacy, instead of therapy, is a culture whose light is flickering. A culture that threatens to go dark on our children and grandchildren, unless enough of us love our neighbor enough to tell them the truth. (For more from the author of “Trans-Tragic” please click HERE)

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