This US City Won’t Let Students Graduate Until the Government Approves Their Plans

Beginning in 2020, Chicago high-school seniors will have to prove that they have a government-approved post-graduation plan in order to earn their diplomas.

Yep. Rather than allow its young people the freedom to approach their futures creatively, Chicago will force its students to choose from one of just five government-approved options: College attendance (note: verbal vows of attendance are not enough, students will need to present actual acceptance letters), a gap-year program, military service, a trade apprenticeship, or a job. According to Reason, the official description of the demand claims that the city is trying to raise $1 million for career-counseling efforts to help students make their decision.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Washington Post that the aim of this new policy is “to help kids have a plan, because they’re going to need it to succeed.”

So — is Mayor Emanuel right? Is it better to have your next steps planned out before you graduate high school? The answer: It doesn’t matter, because it’s none of his f*&#@&$ business.

Perhaps this policy is well-intentioned, but do you know what? I don’t care, because it’s still an absurd government overreach that has absolutely no place in a free society. It might be true that more young people would have better lives if only they’d start planning for them before graduation, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s not the government’s role to force them to do so. (Read more from “This US City Won’t Let Students Graduate Until the Government Approves Their Plans” HERE)

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