Women’s March: Don’t Help Caucasians Suffering From Harvey?

The Women’s March Wednesday got slammed on social media for launching a bid to recruit help for victims of Hurricane Harvey – based on their race.

The organization that has sponsored far-left political activism to oppose President Trump published a link to a “list of orgs working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx & other communities safe after Hurricane Harvey.”

Explained Twitchy: “Unity is clearly Kryptonite for the Women’s March. We’ve watched Texans of all colors, sexes, creeds and abilities help, support and even rescue one another for the past several days, none of them concerned about the difference they may see in one another. So why in the Hell would Women’s March think this is in anyway appropriate?”

The March statement linked to a colorlines.com article that promoted former president Obama’s comment regarding Harvey that first responders and people are “helping each other out.” (Read more from “Women’s March: Don’t Help Caucasians Suffering From Harvey?” HERE)

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