Department of Education Apparently Defies Trump, Reinstates Obama Transgender Policy for Schools

[T]he Trump department of education’s office of civil rights (OCR) reinstated the Obama transgender policy with these five instructions for public schools:

1. OCR may “assert subject matter jurisdiction” over transgenderism. OCR gave itself the power to act when a transgender student files a complaint alleging sex discrimination.

2. OCR further asserts jurisdiction when the office finds that “sexual” or “gender-based” harassment creates a “hostile environment” for transgender students. An example given in the document sets failure by a school to use the “preferred name or pronoun” of the transgender student as harassment and a reason take over for local authorities.

3. OCR requires public schools and colleges to take affirmative steps in addressing anything OCR defines as a “hostile environment” for transgender students.

4. Schools may not retaliate against a transgender student who raises a sex discrimination complaint.

5. Schools may not engage in “differential treatment” of a student based on what the document labels as “sex stereotyping,” or failure of a student to conform to common notions of masculinity and femininity.

This document quietly appeared, without fanfare, reinstating very controversial transgender policies. Once again, the federal government has removed local control over school bathroom, locker room, dorm room, and sports team policies. If parents have a problem with what is happening in the bathrooms or locker rooms of their child’s school, they will have to meet with officials in Washington. (Read more from “Department of Education Apparently Defies Trump, Reinstates Obama Transgender Policy for Schools” HERE)

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