Governor Reverses Ban on Men in Women’s Bathrooms

By Bob Unruh. Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has completed the reversal of state legislation that barred men from women’s public restrooms and showers.

The move is drawing a warning from one of the state’s most prominent personalities: Franklin Graham.

The CEO and president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse commented Monday via Facebook after Cooper signed an executive order allowing people to use facilities according to their “gender identity” rather that biological sex.

“North Carolinians have been betrayed by Governor Roy Cooper. The people of this state are now going to be exposed to pedophiles and sexually perverted men in women’s public restrooms,” Graham wrote. (Read more from “Governor Reverses Ban on Men in Women’s Bathrooms” HERE)


NC Governor Signs Order Allowing ‘Gender Identity’ to Determine Bathroom Use

By Townhall. The back and forth between the state’s legislature and former governor on one side and proponents of the LGBT community on the other seems to have come to an end. North Carolina’s current governor, Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC), signed an executive order on Thursday that forces businesses to allow men and women to choose whichever bathroom they prefer.

North Carolina’s former Republican governor, Pat McCrory, prevented the transgender bathroom policy from moving forward and received backlash from politicians on the Left, celebrities and musicians stating they would not perform in the state, and sports organizations like the NBA.

While the executive order is now in effect, conservative and religious groups are pushing back against the measure. At the same time, members of the LGBT community are still not happy with Gov. Cooper as they do not believe the executive order goes far enough.

Earlier this year Gov. Cooper signed HB 142 into law. HB 142 was meant to weaken the HB 2 legislation that was signed into law by former Gov. McCrory. Initially, HB 142 kept the provision that stated men and women could only use showers and bathrooms that aligned with the sex that was found on their birth certificate. The executive order has now removed that provision but does not repeal HB 2 entirely, which the LGBT community wants to see. (Read more from “NC Governor Signs Order Allowing ‘Gender Identity’ to Determine Bathroom Use” HERE)

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