Hurricane Season May Not Be Over Yet

By Doyle Rice. The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season may not be over yet.

An area of showers and thunderstorms now spinning in the western Caribbean has a 50% chance of developing into Tropical Storm Philippe by the weekend, the National Hurricane Center said.

The disturbance is likely to drift across the northwestern Caribbean into Friday, then across the Florida Straits and part of South Florida on Saturday, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.

On Sunday, it’s likely to take a path parallel to the Atlantic coast of the U.S., he added. (Read more from “Hurricane Season May Not Be Over Yet” HERE)


When Hurricanes Hit: The Biggest Threat Is Right Now

By Brett Clarkson. At this time of year, when a storm forms, it’s more likely to hit us.

That’s because October storms are more likely to form in the western Caribbean Sea, where they tend to travel north over or near western Cuba and then across southern Florida.

That’s what Hurricane Wilma did in 2005 — exactly 12 years ago Tuesday. And now, forecasters are saying there’s a 50 percent chance a smattering of rainstorms in the western Caribbean will become at least a tropical depression in the next five days.

“We’re in a wait and see mode,” said Dennis Feltgen, spokesman for the Miami-based National Hurricane Center. (Read more from “When Hurricanes Hit: The Biggest Threat Is Right Now” HERE)

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