Christian Father Loses Appeal to Shield Kids From LGBT Agenda in Public School

A Christian father has lost his appeal in a landmark parental rights case that pitted him against his public school board, the province of Ontario, and the elementary teachers’ union for his attempts to protect his children from possible LGBTQ indoctrination at school.

In a decision released Wednesday, the Ontario Court of Appeal threw out Steve Tourloukis’s case, citing lack of evidence that the school board actually interfered with his ability to bring up his son and daughter in his Greek Orthodox faith.

Tourloukis sued the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board five years ago after it refused his request for advance notice of how and when his children would be taught about sensitive topics, notably homosexuality, abortion, and gender identity, so he could pull them from class if necessary.

The Hamilton dentist made the request in 2010 when his six-year-old son was in Grade 1, his 4-year-old daughter in junior kindergarten, and the board implementing its equity and inclusivity policy as directed by the 2009 Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy . . .

Tourloukis’s lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos argued June 2016 the board violated his client’s Charter rights by preventing him from being able to shield his children if need be from what his faith considers “false teachings.” (Read more from “Christian Father Loses Appeal to Shield Kids From LGBT Agenda in Public School” HERE)

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