Donna Brazile’s Fear for Her Life Reignites Seth Rich Murder

By WND. . . .Quit being paranoid and assuming there’s some conspiracy behind the random murder, they said.

So, if it were merely a botched robbery that killed DNC data staffer Seth Rich, why in the world would the former interim chair of the Democratic National Committee fear for her life, believing snipers might shoot and kill her after the mysterious murder of Rich?

In Donna Brazile’s upcoming book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” she writes about her fears following the July 10, 2016, unsolved murder of Rich. In fact, she dedicated the book to Rich, whom she calls a “patriot.”

Brazile, who served as interim DNC chairwoman after Rich’s murder, even reveals she felt her own life was in danger during the 2016 campaign. She says she closed her office window blinds so snipers couldn’t spot her. Brazile installed surveillance cameras at her home. And she worried that her office was bugged with a listening device.

Brazile’s account prompted Internet journalist Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, to tweet about the revelations Saturday.

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Donna Brazile: DNC Primary Was Totally Rigged

By Jordan Chariton. Donna Brazile’s explosive book excerpt that confessed Hillary Clinton’s campaign was essentially pulling the strings at the Democratic National Committee nearly a year before she was the official party nominee is the latest proof that, even in a changing populist uprising spreading nationwide, the Democratic Party still clings to money before all else.

In her book, Brazile, the former DNC interim vice chair who fed questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in advance of a 2016 Democratic Primary town hall, explained how she uncovered the joint fundraising agreement struck between the Clinton campaign and the DNC in August, 2015—before any caucuses, primaries, or debates—that not only allowed the Clinton campaign to essentially funnel money designated for state parties and the DNC back into its own coffers, but gave it stunning control over staffing, strategy, and finances at the “neutral” DNC. . .

Basically, in exchange for raising money for a near-bankrupt DNC, the deal provided the Clinton campaign with advanced screening of communications sent out about other primary candidates during the primary, and gave it, as Brazile pointed out and the documents confirmed, control over which “of two candidates previously identified as acceptable to HFA [Hillary For America]” would be hired as DNC Communications Director during the primary. (Read more about Donna Brazile’s book describing her terror in the wake of the Seth Rich murder HERE)

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