CNN Shares Exclusive Footage of Trump Playing Golf, Then Twitter Users Notice the Real Story

CNN’s coverage of President Donald Trump playing golf seemed strange to quite a few viewers.

After promising to “get back to work” after Christmas, Trump went to the golf course — an act which CNN covered in an apparent attempt to question the president’s work ethic.

CNN correspondent Manu Raju tweeted the exclusive content catching Trump in the act, however, Twitter users noticed the president’s golf game wasn’t the only questionable activity taking place.

The video footage looks as though it was taken from the inside of a bush, surprising viewers that the reporter was spying on Trump.

Twitter users pointed out what should have been the real story.

This footage comes after multiple mistakes made by CNN earlier this month.

In early December, Raju used the wrong date when reporting on an email sent to the Trump campaign that inflamed suspicion of possible collusion between the campaign and Russia, which has been accused of providing those documents to WikiLeaks.

In reality, the email was received 10 days later when the documents were publicly available, disproving the earlier presumption.

In another December mistake, CNN used an image of someone who was not White House principal deputy secretary Raj Shah accompanied by a quote from Shah on air. The picture that was used with the quote is another man named Raj Shah, but he serves as the Rockefeller Foundation’s president.

While other news outlets covered the attempted terror attack in New York City earlier this month, CNN ran a story about a New York Times story that claims Trump drinks “a dozen Diet Cokes” every day.

Trump has repeatedly criticized CNN for its alleged biased reporting. (For more from the author of “CNN Shares Exclusive Footage of Trump Playing Golf, Then Twitter Users Notice the Real Story” please click HERE)

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