Judge Rejects Demand That Baker Make ‘Gay’ Wedding Cake

In a decision described as a “sharp blow” to “escalating persecution,” a judge has rejected a demand that a Christian baker in California provide a wedding cake for a same-sex duo.

The ruling comes in a case brought by the state against Tastries Bakery, which is developing just as the U.S. Supreme Court considers the case of Jack Phillips’ Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado.

Oral arguments in the Colorado case were held earlier this month, although a decision isn’t expected for a number of months.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund confirmed Thursday that a judge in Kern County Superior Court rejected a demand for a temporary restraining order against Cathy Miller, a cake artist at Tastries.

The plan was to forbid her “from selling to anyone any item they are unwilling to sell” to the homosexual duo. (Read more from “Judge Rejects Demand That Baker Make ‘Gay’ Wedding Cake” HERE)

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