Trump Has Ben Carson Show Reporters How to Pray

President Trump invited reporters at the White House to remain in his Cabinet meeting Wednesday while Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson prayed . . .

During his Cabinet meeting, he described some of the projects his administration has accomplished and more that are in the works.

Then he said: “With that I’m going to ask Ben Carson … you can stay if you want to, because you need the prayer more than I do. I think you may be the only ones.

“Maybe a good solid prayer, and they’ll be honest then. Is that possible?”

Carson then began: “Our kind Father in Heaven, we’re so thankful for the opportunities and the freedom that you’ve granted us in this country. We thank you for the president and for Cabinet members who are courageous, who are willing to face the winds of controversy in order to provide a better future for those who come after.” (Read more from “Trump Has Ben Carson Show Reporters How to Pray” HERE)

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