Israel Has Problems With Illegals, Issues Ultimatum

Israel has issued an ultimatum to thousands of Africans who illegally entered the country – get out in the next three months or go to prison.

The Population and Immigration Authority demanded this week that migrants from Sudan and Eritrea leave “to their country or to a third country,” meaning Rwanda or Uganda.

Those who cooperate and leave by the end of March will receive $3,500, along with airfare and other incentives, as reported by multiple outlets.

This is all part of an Israeli campaign to expel roughly 42,000 illegal African migrants from the country. These migrants entered Israel before it built a fence along its border with Egypt. Many of them seek refugee status, claiming they fled conflict and persecution in their home countries.

However, the Israeli government has termed them “infiltrators” and says they are mainly economic migrants whose presence in large numbers threatens Israel’s Jewish character. (Read more from “Israel Has Problems With Illegals, Issues Ultimatum” HERE)

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