Palestinians Are Greater Threat to Israel Than Iran, Expert Says

The Palestinians pose a “greater threat to Israel than Iran and Syria,” the director of a Philadelphia-based think tank told Breitbart in a wide-ranging interview on the heels of a new poll that shows the overwhelming majority of Israelis (78%) do not see an end to the conflict in sight.

Gregg Roman, director of the Middle East Forum (MEF), cited demography, politicized violence and proximity as the reasons why the intransigent Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more dangerous to the future of the Jewish state than even Iran.

“The crux of the conflict is the Palestinian rejection of the right for Jews to have self-determination and live in their ancestral homeland,” Roman said.

“The Palestinians are rewarded for rejecting, Israelis are punished for accepting,” he said, and added that the problem was compounded by the fact that the Palestinians believe “time is on their side.” . . .

Roman pointed to recent statements made by President Donald Trump’s Special Mideast peace envoy Jason Greenblatt that put into question some of the thorniest issues in the conflict and core tenets on the Palestinian side, including the Palestinian refugee misnomer and the Palestinian “right” to a capital in east Jerusalem. (Read more from “Palestinians Are Greater Threat to Israel Than Iran, Expert Says” HERE)

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