You’ll Never Guess What ‘Global Warming’ Is Being Blamed For

Rising oceans. Flooded shorelines. Horrific storms. Cold winters. Hot summers. An Arctic without ice or snow. Water flooding into the 9/11 memorial in New York. You’ve heard all the dire warnings about what global warming is doing.

But there’s a new one: It’s causing immigration.

“International negotiations on climate change, along with recent upsurge in migration across the Mediterranean Sea, have highlighted the need to better understand the possible effects of climate change on human migration – in particular, across national borders,” authors Anouch Missirian and Wolfram Schlenker say in their paper, “Asylum Applications Respond to Temperature Fluctuations.”

“Here we examine how, in the recent past (2000-2014), weather variations in 103 source countries translated into asylum applications to the European Union, which averaged 351,000 per year in our sample.

“We find that temperatures that deviated from the moderate optimum (~20°C) increased asylum applications in a nonlinear fashion, which implies an accelerated increase under continued future warming,” they wrote. (Read more from “You’ll Never Guess What ‘Global Warming’ Is Being Blamed For” HERE)

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