CNN Analyst: Women Aren’t Able to Carry Guns

Women can’t carry … There have been a lot of hot takes when it comes to the idea that teachers who have concealed carry weapons permits already should be allowed to carry in classrooms. But this take from CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes on why female teachers can’t carry a gun is just outrageous. Fuentes said on CNN Newsday that women who wear skirts and dresses won’t have a place to carry that gun concealed. Here, you can watch for yourself. Talk about misogyny.

I can’t figure out why … We now know that the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was called to the home of the accused Parkland school shooter multiple times. The FBI was warned about him. We know that at least one and possibly four deputies didn’t enter the school to stop the shooting, and Laura Ingraham reported last night that deputies were ordered not to enter the school unless they had body cameras. There are real, serious reasons why people are calling for Broward County Sheriff Israel to resign.

Enter the Washington Post. In this article about those calls, the authors paint a picture that the calls for Israel to resign are a partisan witch-hunt and purely political in nature. That’s the farthest thing from the truth. The calls for Israel to resign are based upon known facts and Israel’s own blame-shifting.

Fallon turns activist … Since Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, there has been one late-night television host who has tried to steer clear of politics and activism. While Steven Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel have had no trouble jumping into politics, “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon has taken a more neutral tack. That has changed. Fallon will participate in a gun control march with Parkland students. He announced it on his show last night.

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