Homeowner Holds Knife-Wielding Intruder at Gunpoint

When Robert Rodriguez and his wife awoke to an intruder in the bedroom of their Austin, Texas, home, he used his own firearm to ward off the suspect until law enforcement arrived.

Rodriguez told CBS Austin that 32-year-old Richard Brent Prieto kicked the door in, and he heard someone talking but thought it was his son. However, after his wife nudged him, he woke up and saw Prieto standing in their room with a knife in his hand.

Prieto reportedly was mumbling strange things and told him that his wife was under the house, that Chuck Norris was waiting for him, and that he was having a hard time. Rodriguez, who is a former sheriff’s deputy, slowly reached for his gun and, with the firearm pointed at Prieto, told him to drop the knife. . .

Rodriguez explained that legally — since the man was in his house — he had the right to protect his family, but he’s glad he didn’t have to pull the trigger. (Read more from “Homeowner Holds Knife-Wielding Intruder at Gunpoint” HERE)

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