Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic

By Wall Street Journal. A conspiracy theory has spread among Facebook and Instagram users: The company is tapping our microphones to target ads. It’s not . . .

Yeah, sure, and the government swears it isn’t keeping any pet aliens at Area 51. So I contacted former Facebook employees and various advertising technology experts, who all cited technical and legal reasons audio snooping isn’t possible.

Uploading and scanning that much audio data “would strain even the resources of the NSA,” says former Facebook ad-targeting product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez. “They would need to understand the context of what you are saying—not just listen for words,” says Sandy Parakilas, a former Facebook operations manager.

I believe them, but for another reason: Facebook is now so good at watching what we do online—and even offline, wandering around the physical world—it doesn’t need to hear us. After digging into the various bits of info Facebook and its advertisers collect and the bits I’ve actually handed over myself, I can now explain why I got each of those eerily relevant ads. (Facebook ads themselves offer limited explanations when you click “Why am I seeing this?”) (Read more from “Facebook Really Is Spying on You, Just Not Through Your Phone’s Mic” HERE)

Facebook Creating ‘Spy Robot’ for Your Home

By Metro. It’s the social network which has made billions by gathering huge amounts of information about its users and selling this data to advertisers.

Now a patent has emerged which shows Facebook is developing a robot capable of spying on people in their own homes.

It has been granted a patent for a ‘self-balancing robot’ fitted with cameras and microphones.

Zuckerberg’s surveillance-bot can speed along on three wheels before standing aloft on two wheels.

Experts said it would probably be very expensive and is likely to be used as a corporate ‘telepresence robot’, which is the name for machines used to interact with humans. (Read more from “Facebook Creating ‘Spy Robot’ for Your Home” HERE)

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