Researchers Just Made a Terrifying Discovery in the Cellphone-Cancer Risk

By The Blaze. For years, researchers have questioned if excessive cellphone use is linked to cancer.

Millions of people every day are constantly connected to their phones – making calls, texting, taking pictures, and surfing social media. Even cellular radiation experts can have a hard time disconnecting.

But a new study suggests cellphone use can increase the chance of developing cancer, KDKA-TV reported. Studies from France and Italy had similar findings.

The issue is especially timely as 5G, a new and stronger broadband, is expected to come online later this year.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina recently hosted a panel of the world’s top experts to review findings from a $25 million study on cellphones and cancer, according to WNCN-TV. (Read more from “Researchers Just Made a Terrifying Discovery in the Cellphone-Cancer Risk” HERE)


Can Cellphones Cause Cancer? Experts Surprised by Latest Tests

By CBS. Can cellphones really cause cancer? It’s been a question that’s dogged researchers for years.

The panel voted that the results from years of testing on mice and rats were more significant than originally thought.

They say they found clear evidence that phone radiation caused tumors in the hearts of rats, which were similar to tumors in people.

“In humans, it’s seen in the vestibular nerve, in the ear, the acoustic nerve. We found it in the heart, although our animals were exposed in their whole body condition,” John Bucher said.

“While a given animal is not making a cellphone call, they are, throughout their short two-year lifetime getting the same exposure that we expect people to get in their 70-plus years of life,” Dr. Devra Davis, of Environmental Health Trust, said. (Read more from “Can Cellphones Cause Cancer? Experts Surprised by Latest Tests” HERE)

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