REVEALED: Broward County Deputy Who Gave ‘Stage’ Order That Kept Cops Outside Parkland Shooting

Fox News has identified the Broward County Sheriff Captain who issued the “stage” and “perimeter” orders that kept officers outside of Stoneman Douglas High School as a school shooter was rampaging inside.

Captain Jan Jordan was in charge of Broward County deputies at the scene, law enforcement sources told Fox, and was the officer who instructed her colleagues to remain outside the scene of a mass shooting, even though department policies indicate that officers can enter such a scene to neutralize the shooter.

“Sources told Fox News it was Jordan giving the commands because they were recorded on the dispatch logs coming from Jordan’s radio insignia 17S1, or ‘Seventeen Sierra One,'” the news network reported.

A spokesperson for the Broward Sheriff’s Office would only confirm that “Captain Jordan asked if a perimeter had been established after the shooter left the building,” but would not say whether Jordan made the call because she had any further information about other law enforcement agencies on the scene, or whether she made a tragic mistake in assessing the situation inside Stoneman Douglas.

The spokesperson also wouldn’t say why Jordan “asked” for a perimeter; as the senior officer on the scene, her “request for information” would have been interpreted as an order. (Read more from “REVEALED: Broward County Deputy Who Gave ‘Stage’ Order That Kept Cops Outside Parkland Shooting” HERE)

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