Good Morning Campers – It’s Denim Day at West Point!

. . .According to West Point’s official Facebook page, It’s #DenimDay at #USMA! Today’s uniform choice is part of an international effort to raise awareness of and prevent future sexual assault and harassment. Cadets, staff and faculty alike wore jeans to show commitment to ending sexual assault and harassment. For more info on Denim Day visit:

Isn’t that just so politically correct? Isn’t that just so progressive? Cadets, feel free to just rip off your uniform and put those skinny jeans on to show how much empathy you have for victims of sexual assault and harassment. Last year it was red high heels. This year it’s Calvin Klein’s.

And, for you transgender cadets, let it all hang out. Guys, wear that lipstick with the jeans, maybe some high heels too. Be yourself, no one there cares, especially the cadre. After all, they let a communist graduate.

No, it’s not an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s another day in Mattis’ Military. You remember General Mattis. He was the tough hombre with the PX haircut and the big book collection who was going to kick in the door to the PC saloon at the Pentagon and kick some butt and take names.

Then, he met Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the Mad Dog became a Chihuahua. Sometime during his confirmation hearing he surrendered his family jewels to her in a US Government mason jar and never looked back.

And, the castration of the US military marches on at March 4. (Read more from “Good Morning Campers – It’s Denim Day at West Point!” HERE)

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