Violence in Post-Refugee Sweden Reaches Staggering Levels

Much has been written over the past several years about the massive influx of mostly Muslim refugee migrants to Europe and the radical cultural changes those migrants brought with them to the nations they ultimately settled in.

Bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of those migrants weren’t really refugees at all, as the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees admitted in a report. For the year 2015, only about 0.4 percent (less than 300 total) of the 118,000 refugees accepted by other nations around the world were actually in dire need of resettling and could honestly proclaim themselves a refugee, according to The Western Journal.

That means more than 99 percent of those who fled North Africa and the Middle East for western and northern Europe were migrating for economic or criminal purposes, and though that fact is typically downplayed by European governments, the reality of the situation is increasingly intruding on their precious innocent refugees narrative.

Perhaps the most vivid example of this reality is the case of Sweden, a prosperous Scandinavian nation once considered one of the safest countries on earth but which is now wracked with rapidly spiking levels of violent crime, according to a shocking report in Politico.

Sweden took in so many migrants and refugees that the nation was dubbed a “humanitarian superpower,” and the generosity of the nation’s welfare state in conjunction with their open arms for third-world migrants was held up as the “Swedish model” for other progressive nations to emulate. (Read more from “Violence in Post-Refugee Sweden Reaches Staggering Levels” HERE)

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