Doctors Accused of Forcing Terminally Ill into Assisted Suicide

A terminal ill man who needs around-the-clock care filed a lawsuit claiming doctors are pressuring him to go home or die in medically assisted death. . .

[Roger] Foley [of Canada] suffers from an incurable brain disorder called cerebellar ataxia, a condition which limits his ability to move his arms and legs and leaves him unable to perform mundane tasks such as feeding himself and lifting himself up. . .

According to the February 14 lawsuit, Foley was given two options on how to move forward with his medical care: ‘forced discharge’ from the hospital ‘to work with contracted agencies that have failed him’ or medically assisted death.

He said there were two instances in which he received horrible home care providers and even contemplated suicide after one provider allegedly left him so sick he needed to be hospitalized.

‘I have been given the wrong medication,’ he claimed. ‘I have been provided food where I got food poisoning, I’ve had workers fall asleep in my living room, burners and appliances constantly left on, a fire, and I have been injured during exercises and transfers. When I report(ed) these things to the agency, I would not get a response.’ (Read more from “Doctors Accused of Forcing Terminally Ill into Assisted Suicide” HERE)

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