Muslim Nations Cheer U.S. on Iran Decision

Iranian politicians burned U.S. flags and chanted “death to America” this week while Barack Obama and former members of his administration lashed out at President Trump when he announced his decision to drop the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, aka the Iran nuclear deal. . .

However, Trump is getting huge support from a coalition of Muslim nations.

That’s because the divide between the radical Muslim hierarchy in Iran and the West is not significantly larger than the divide between the radical Muslim hierarchy in Iran – and large parts of the rest of the Muslim world.

According to research from the Middle East Media Research Institute, the president’s announcement “won broad support from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Saudi Arabia officially stated that it welcomed the announcement, calling it vital in light of the flaws inherent in the agreement and in light of Iran’s taking advantage of it to develop its ballistic missile program and to support terror organizations in the Middle East. The Saudi announcement also expressed hope that the international community would take a similar firm position vis-à-vis Iran.” . . .

It was the Saudi government daily Al-Riyadh’s May 9, 2018 editorial, titled “Washington Has Had Its Say,” that stated: “The announcement by the American president Donald Trump of his country’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is an important historic event on the international level. Following this announcement, the agreement … became in effect a thing of the past, with the most important country’s and largest superpower’s withdrawal from it.” (Read more from “Muslim Nations Cheer U.S. on Iran Decision” HERE)

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