Franklin Graham: ‘There’s an Agenda’ to ‘Lure’ Children ‘Into Promiscuity’

Evangelist Franklin Graham is continuing his condemnation of sexually graphic sex education curricula in public schools, urging parents to take action against states that are trying to “lure” children “into promiscuity.”

Graham specifically addressed the concerns of parents in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) in California who removed their children from school last week to protest a sex ed curriculum that teaches anal, oral and vaginal sex, and mutual masturbation to children as young as 11 years old.

“There’s an agenda in California and every other state to target the minds and hearts of children,” Graham posted to his Facebook account. “The agenda is to lure them into promiscuity and condition their minds to accept lifestyles that are against the teaching of God’s Word.” . . .

“Using smutty language and imagery to taint the minds of elementary school children—or any age students for that matter— is wrong,” the Christian leader wrote. “Teaching 6th graders about sexual pleasure and how to go to websites to learn to ‘ask for consent in a sexy way’ should not be happening.” . . .

“It’s also imperative that Christians vote in every election for candidates who support biblical principles, including the legislators who make these laws,” he urged. “I hope that every pastor will encourage the members of their congregation to let the Christian voice be heard in the elections. Let’s be salt and light as Jesus commanded and make a difference for our children and grandchildren!” (Read more from “Franklin Graham: ‘There’s an Agenda’ to ‘Lure’ Children ‘Into Promiscuity’” HERE)

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