Secret Genocide: Thousands Christians Killed, Pregnant Women Raped

Christians are being slaughtered in Myanmar and the country’s government is doing its best to hide this fact from the world, a recent investigative report revealed.

“The area is hidden from much of the world, as the Buddhist-majority Myanmar has denied journalists and aid agencies access to the region,” The Christian Post reported.

International observers, foreign diplomats and politicians have also largely been denied access to the country by Myanmar’s government officials.

However, an investigative team from Sky News managed to travel to the isolated region and were told by locals that a “second genocidal campaign” is being waged by the Burmese military.

Already over 700,000 people have been forced to flee Bangladesh in the face of what the United Nations calls a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing” against the region’s Rohingya Muslims.

Now a second ethnic cleansing is being carried out against the minority Christian Kachin people.

“I am convinced the Burmese government is trying to ethnically cleanse the Kachin people,” a mother of four by the name of Lashi Ókawn Ja, told Sky News.

“Whenever they see Kachin people they try to kill us and they rape the women, even the women who are pregnant,” she said.

The persecution against Muslims from the Myanmar military has gone unchallenged, which is the reason their attention has now turned to Christians as well, locals said.

According to Sky News, the military attacks the Christians are carried out at random and indiscriminately, primarily from the air or by using artillery.

“Maybe their actions against us are not so sudden as their violence against the Rohingya, but their intentions are just the same,” said vice president of the Kachin Independence Council General Sumlut Gunmaw.

“They want to eliminate us.”

Gunmaw said he delivered several documents explaining the violence against the Kachin people to British and UN diplomats, but the allegations have been ignored.

Open Doors USA, a non-profit group that supports persecuted Christians worldwide, ranks Myanmar as number 24 in country’s where Christians face the worst persecution. (For more from the author of “Secret Genocide: Thousands Christians Killed, Pregnant Women Raped” please click HERE)

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