Nunes Says Impeachment Is Now on the Table for Rod Rosenstein

By The Daily Caller. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Sunday that “there will be hell to pay” — including impeachment for top Justice Department officials — if the agency fails this week to give Congress documents about an FBI informant used to spy on the Trump campaign.

“We can’t force the resignation, but we can hold in contempt, we can pass resolutions, we can impeach. I think we’re getting close to there,” Nunes said of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Nunes has battled Rosenstein for months over other documents related to the Russia investigation. The Justice Department and FBI stalled for months to provide information about the Steele dossier as well as about a secret surveillance warrant taken out against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The most recent standoff concerns Nunes’ request for documents related to a longtime FBI and CIA source who the bureau tasked to meet with three Trump campaign advisers, including Page.

Nunes and other members of the so-called Gang of Eight met with Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday to discuss Intelligence Committee’s requests for documents about the informant, who is reported to be former University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper. (Read more from “Nunes Says Impeachment Is Now on the Table for Rod Rosenstein” HERE)


Rep. Devin Nunes Talks Meeting With FBI, DOJ Officials

By Fox News. [Nunes speaking to reporter:]

However, I think that we have a process to move forward. We’re supposed to meet on Monday. Our staffs are supposed to meet on Monday. And all the subpoenas are supposed to be complied with this week.

Now, I’m not sure. I have — my confidence level is extremely low that DOJ and FBI are going to comply. I don’t have a lot of confidence.

However, it was good that the speaker of the House was there, along with the other two committee chairmen, to make sure that the FBI and DOJ know that they have been put on notice, that we’re not going to take no for an answer anymore, and that the subpoenas will be complied with, or the House will have to take other measures.

So, what does this mean is, how did you use our nation’s counterintelligence capabilities — these are capabilities that are used to track terrorists and other bad guys around the globe — how did you weaponize that against a political campaign, the Trump campaign, where, ultimately, it ended up in Carter Page having FISA warrants put against him, which allowed the government to go in and grab all of his e-mails and phone calls?

So, that’s primarily what we have been investigating for many, many months. We have asked for documents as it relates to — to that. And on — and I will tell you, Chairman Gowdy was very, very clear with the Department of Justice and FBI, and said that if there was any vectoring of any informants or spies or whatever you want to call them into the Trump campaign before the investigation began, we better know about it by Sunday, meaning today.

(Read more from “Rep. Devin Nunes Talks Meeting With FBI, DOJ Officials” HERE)

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