Facebook Celebrates July 4th by Censoring the Declaration of Independence

(Editor’s note: This is yet ANOTHER incident where Facebook has been caught censoring pro-American or patriotic content. See Restoring Liberty’s exclusive July 4th article on this growing problem HERE)

While Americans across the country were gearing up to celebrate Independence Day, the temporary censorship of a Facebook post left one newspaper feeling a little less-than-free to celebrate American independence.

Just days before the July 4th holiday, Texas newspaper The Liberty County Vindicator was posting daily excerpts from the Declaration of Independence in anticipation. . .

After the post was censored, Casey Stinnett, The Vindicator’s managing editor, voiced the paper’s concerns about continuing to post text from the Declaration.

“So, the removal of this morning’s post puts The Vindicator in a quandary about whether to continue with posting the final two parts of the Declaration scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday. Should Facebook find anything in them offensive, The Vindicator could lose its Facebook page,” he wrote.

An increasing number of publishers have recently faced this very situation. This begs the question: With no telling what will be censored next, how can publishers continue to trust an automated system to decide what news can and can’t be shared? (Read more from “Facebook Celebrates July 4th by Censoring the Declaration of Independence” HERE)

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