Female Patriot Prayer Member Clobbers Antifa Goon on Camera

. . .Violence was on full display several days ago in Portland, Oregon, a distinctly liberal city. That’s where the right-leaning group Patriot Prayer was protested by the far-left and frequently violent group “antifa,” and one video clip from the melee has gone viral.

During a clash between Patriot Prayer, antifa, and a far-right group called the Proud Boys, all hell broke loose… but footage of a female Patriot member not just holding her own but physically dominating an antifa goon shows that the radical left may have bitten off more than it can chew.

“#Antifa would like you to refrain from making this into a GIF and using it all the time,” wrote Adam Richard on Twitter, along with a short clip of the altercation. “It’s not good for their image when their [Antifa] ‘soldiers’ get the s–t kicked out of them by Patriot Women. #PatriotPrayer.”

[Warning: this video does contain explicit, violent material.]

In the footage, a woman who is apparently part of the right-leaning Patriot Prayer group appears to have gotten the best of an antifa rioter, and pummels him on the ground as cameras record the action. . .

The details around this incident are murky, but several reports indicate that Patriot Prayer members were following the law and exercising non-violent free speech when they were essentially ambushed by antifa, a group that openly advocates violence against conservative Americans whom it has labeled “fascists.” (Read more from “Female Patriot Prayer Member Clobbers Antifa Goon on Camera” HERE)

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