Gun-Wielding Punks Caught on Video Robbing Vietnam Vet, Cancer Survivor

By Daily Wire. A Vietnam veteran and cancer survivor was sitting on his porch at his Detroit home when two men robbed him at gunpoint on Friday afternoon.

“The guy kept saying ‘I will shoot you.’ I said ‘You [don’t have] to shoot me, take what you’ve want,'” Kendrick Holloway, 68, told Fox 2.

The suspects did not shoot Holloway; they did, however, steal jewelry right off his body that the veteran described as having sentimental value.

Holloway explained that his pupils were still dilated from an earlier doctor’s appointment, so his vision was blurred during the attack.

“I dropped the keys, I bent over to pick them up and they were right on me,” he said, adding, “It happened so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to think about it. The biggest thing was, ‘don’t shoot, just take the jewelry.’ That’s replaceable, I’m not.”

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Gunmen Caught on Doorbell Camera Robbing Detroit Veteran

By Fox 2. . .They did steal sentimental valuable jewelry right off of Kendrick’s body. Then while Kendrick was speaking to FOX 2, Detroit police called a family member to say they had arrested a possible suspect.

“That’s fast action,” Holloway said. “Police is doing their job. They are working it. They are giving a Vietnam veteran some props.

“I love them for it.”

And Kendrick is confident it’s only a matter of time before all the people involved in the crime are arrested.

“I wish them well when they go to prison,” he said. (Read more from “Gunmen Caught on Doorbell Camera Robbing Detroit Veteran” HERE)

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