States Sign Bill to Seize Guns, No Questions Asked

By The Daily Caller. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker signed a bill on Tuesday allowing for temporary gun confiscation without any due process in Massachusetts.

Bill H4670 enables a family or household member, which includes roommates, relatives or significant others, to remove firearms, firearm identification cards and ammunition from any individual deemed to be a danger to oneself or others. . .

Massachusetts is the 12th state to enact such gun seizure laws, according to Huffington Post. It is also the seventh state to do so since the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida. (Read more from “States Sign Bill to Seize Guns, No Questions Asked” HERE)


Massachusetts Passes ‘Red Flag’ Gun Control Law

By Washington Examiner. Legal Massachusetts gun owners who act violently or suicidal could lose the right to their firearms for a year under a bill signed into law Tuesday by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.

These “red flag” laws, now passed in 12 states, let a family member, friend, or police officer petition a court to have a gun taken away from people who appear to show signs of endangering themselves or others. Medical advocates have rallied behind these “extreme risk protection orders” as a way to prevent suicides, two-thirds of which are carried out using firearms, as well as accidents and deaths caused by people with a mental illness or dementia.

“Massachusetts’ gun laws are a model for the nation, and creating an additional pathway to keep guns away from people unfit to possess them will make our laws even stronger,” Baker said in a statement. “This law creates a responsible way to help prevent gun deaths and suicides while protecting individuals’ Second Amendment rights.”

The law takes effect in 45 days and people who are subject to the order are allowed to appeal. Penalties are in place to prevent people from filing false accusations, but the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts, an NRA affiliate, has called the measure a “constitutional crisis.” Gun rights groups say these types of laws fail to address mental illness. (Read more from “Massachusetts Passes ‘Red Flag’ Gun Control Law” HERE)

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