Black Leadership Group Defies Liberals, Scorches NYT Over Anti-White Editor

In what can only be described as a clear display of the hypocritical double standards that most progressive liberals enjoy, The New York Times recently hired to its editorial board a woman with a lengthy history of making blatantly racist anti-white statements on social media and elsewhere. . .

In an official release from Project 21, an organization for black conservatives, several members informed The Times of just how “racist” and “vulgar” they found Jeong’s anti-white tweets — of which there are literally hundreds over the span of several years — and called out the supposed “paper of record” for its readily apparent political bias.

“Ms. Jeong is the recipient of leftist privilege, which means that whatever she says can and will be forgiven no matter how vile or racist her actions may have been,” stated Stacy Washington, nationally syndicated radio host and co-chairwoman of Project 21.

“In response to the backlash over her addition to the New York Times editorial staff, the paper shared that they had discussions with her about the appropriateness of her tweets. This is within their purview, but the double-standard is glaring,” she continued.

“Roseanne Barr was blacklisted for one tweet. Even after she showed remorse and apologized profusely, there is no path of redemption for her. In the freest nation on the planet, we are witnessing jackbooted political thuggery,” Washington added. (Read more from “Black Leadership Group Defies Liberals, Scorches NYT Over Anti-White Editor” HERE)

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