Legal Immigrant Running for House Crushes Every Single Objection to Trump’s Wall

. . .Anybody taking the time to speak with and listen to Trump’s legion of supporters also soon will realize that he has quite a few legal immigrants who fully support him, particularly when it comes to his firm stance on border security and illegal immigration.

One of those is conservative Hollywood actor and California congressional candidate Antonio Sabato Jr., who legally immigrated to America from Italy with his family in 1985 and who now is calling for tough border security measures that includes a border wall, according to The Daily Caller.

The outspoken conservative decried the fact that our nation has essentially had “open borders” for quite some time and lamented how American citizens have paid the costs for that not only with taxpayer money, but also with lives lost to criminal illegal aliens. That problem can be solved simply with a border wall.

As for how the wall could be paid for, Sabato reiterated that America already spends plenty of money on immigration-related expenses and the savings to California alone in one year would be more than enough to fund a wall.

Unfortunately, there are bureaucrats, elected establishment officials and special interest groups who favor “open borders” and staunchly obstruct any such efforts to secure funding, hence the need for more Trump supporters like him who favor a border wall being elected to Congress. (Read more from “Legal Immigrant Running for House Crushes Every Single Objection to Trump’s Wall” HERE)

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