Pro-Life Activist Held at Gun Point Outside Abortion Center

A man accused of pointing a loaded rifle at an [pro-life] protester outside a clinic in Granite City on Saturday says he was holding an unloaded gun for self-defense. . .

The [pro-life] protester, John Ryan, says he was approaching a car outside the Hope Clinic for Women, at 1602 21st Street, when a man inside pointed a rifle at him.

“He must have had it in his lap and just lifted it,” said Ryan, who regularly protests outside area clinics that perform abortions. He said he had approached the car holding baby onesies in one hand and “Defenders of the Unborn” cards in the other, as he often does at protests. . .

Court documents listed the rifle as a Hi-Point model 995. It was found “loaded, uncased and immediately accessible,” resulting in the charge, police said. The charge does not accuse him of pointing a gun.

No shots were fired and no one was injured, police said. “The thing we want to stress is that this was an isolated incident and nobody got hurt,” said Detective Lt. Mike Nordstrom. (Read more from “Pro-Life Activist Held at Gun Point Outside Abortion Center” HERE)

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