Kyle Kashuv Uses His Knowledge of Fellow Student David Hogg to Crush Him

. . .For the very few Americans who might still be unfamiliar with the two, Hogg and Kashuv both survived the Parkland shooting. Hogg went on to become the young voice of gun control, Kashuv a nationally known Second Amendment defender who believes security and and preparedness are the best way to defend against mass shootings.

When we recently saw the two facing off on Twitter, Hogg had tweeted something about how fighting bad guys with guns with good guys with guns is like fighting wildfires with more fires — it doesn’t work. Kashuv pointed out that controlled burns are actually one of the best ways to stop wildfires. Point and match.

The latest face-off has to do with Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general the National Rifle Association just endorsed for another term.

Yes, Vic Mensa — the rapper who performed at the “March for Our Lives” anti-gun demonstration in Washington in March — has a previous conviction for a firearms offense in 2017. . .

“Police found a loaded firearm in the car. Although Mensa had a license to carry in another state, the permit was not valid in California. After his arrest, Mensa was released on $35,000 bail. (Read more from “Kyle Kashuv Uses His Knowledge of Fellow Student David Hogg to Crush Him” HERE)

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