California History Teacher Harasses Students in NRA T-Shirts. Mom Fights Back

Sacramento mother Charlene Craig says that a Lodi High School history teacher targeted a group of students, including her daughter, for wearing T-shirts advertising the National Rifle Association, CBS Sacramento reported Monday.

The shirt worn by Craig’s tenth-grade daughter did not display a gun, which is prohibited by school policy, but it elicited a lecture from her history teacher that “guns kill people.” Craig says the teacher also told her daughter “that she would be writing an essay if she disagreed with him.” Another student wearing the shirt was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to take off the shirt.

Craig called out the teacher for his behavior toward her daughter and the other students.

“I think he’s there to teach, I don’t think he’s there to discuss his personal beliefs,” Craig said. “I don’t think that makes it a safe learning environment,” she added.

The Lodi Unified School District issued a statement saying “the school administration reviewed the t-shirt in question and determined that it did not violate school dress code policy.” (Read more from “California History Teacher Harasses Students in NRA T-Shirts. Mom Fights Back” HERE)

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