Fraud Soars as More Men Sneak Children Into U.S. to Exploit ‘Family Loophole’

By Washington Examiner. Men now make up about 40 percent of illegal immigrant parents trying to sneak children into the U.S., as they leap to take advantage of the “family loophole” that means illegal immigrants who come with children get treated more leniently.

Fraud also has soared, with the Border Patrol identifying 150 cases from May to August of adults, men or women, pretending to be families to take advantage of the loophole.

Those 150 cases work out to an annual rate of 450 a year — or nearly 10 times the 46 cases recorded in all of 2017.

The numbers, which The Washington Times obtained from the Department of Homeland Security, signal the growing shift in immigration patterns as would-be migrants and the smugglers who shepherd them on their journey north exploit the soft underbelly of U.S. policy to gain a foothold here.

Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said children have become “pawns and deportation shields,” carried on the dangerous journey north and deployed to try to earn their parents more leniency. (Read more from “Fraud Soars as More Men Sneak Children Into U.S. to Exploit ‘Family Loophole'” HERE)


Italian Pro-Refugee Mayor Under House Arrest on Illegal Migration Charges

By Reuters. A town mayor in the south of Italy, known for his innovative approach to welcoming asylum seekers, was put under house arrest on Tuesday for allegedly favoring illegal migration, angering supporters but pleasing the anti-immigration interior minister.

Domenico Lucano, 60, mayor of Riace, a hilltop medieval town in Italy’s poor Calabria region, was put under home confinement by the finance police in the early hours, the local prosecutor’s office said.

A statement said Lucano and his partner, Tesfahun Lemlem, had organized arranged marriages with “particular ruthlessness” between local citizens and immigrant women and had set up “simple yet efficient” systems aimed at bypassing rules for migrants to be granted entrance to Italy.

Lemlem was banned from living in the town area, it added. (Read more from “Italian Pro-Refugee Mayor Under House Arrest on Illegal Migration Charges” HERE)

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