Hero Who Died Fending off Potential Rapist Underscores the Dangers of Me Too

Local reports say a man died a hero after trying to help a woman who was sexually assaulted on a street in Arlington, Virginia. It is a tragic testimony of how women need good men to protect them from the bad.

On Thursday night, Patricio Salazar, 54, noticed as a man identified as Michael Nash, 27, was walking with a woman and suddenly began to sexually assault her. Instead of staying clear of danger, Salazar rushed in to help the woman but was beaten unconscious [later pronounced dead] when Nash attacked him, according to police reports. . .

This story sadly comes at a time when stories of sexual assault are circulating in relation to the Me Too movement and men are being cast as predators or presumed guilty without corroborating evidence. In this case, we don’t have just one man—the predator—but a good man who gave his life for a stranger. Salazar’s actions remind us of the good a man can do when faced with a crisis, and how honor and strength still beat in the heart of humanity.

Salazar’s sacrifice is proof of how necessary it is for men to protect women they know are in threatening situations. As we have learned from the accounts of many in the MeToo movement, people often know abuse is happening, but they stand by and do nothing because they are too concerned about their own interests.

It’s not enough simply to be aware that sexual assault happens. We need to follow Salazar’s example and act, even at risk to our own lives or interests. To encourage men to do this, society needs to create an environment in which men will be motivated, not dispirited, from taking such actions. (Read more from “Hero Who Died Fending off Potential Rapist Underscores the Dangers of Me Too” HERE)

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