HORRIBLE: Media, Leftists Blame Jewish Conservatives, Trump Supporters for Pittsburgh Shooting

In the aftermath of a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue which left 11 dead and at least 6 injured, including four first responders, leftists in the media raced to score political points, blaming Jewish conservatives and Trump supporters for the actions of a virulent anti-Semite.

The shocking statements peppered social media, as leftists scrambled to score political points. The strangest missive came from GQ reporter Julia Ioffe, who wasted no time in suggesting that conservative Jews who cheered President Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel to the capital city of Jerusalem were responsible for a sudden rise in anti-Semitism she clearly believes precipitated Saturday’s attack.

. . .

But she wasn’t alone in blaming American Jews, whose policies she disagrees with, for supporting policies that “led” to Satuday’s shooting. Leftists across social media may not have been as direct as Ioffe, but they were certainly thinking the same thing:

Perhaps the worst, though, was the Atlantic, which published its own piece blaming Jewish conservatives for Saturday’s violence and suggesting Jews who support the president or any pro-Israel policies be “shunned” from their religious communities.

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