Stunning New Poll Reveals Drastic Turn in Midterm Elections

By The Blaze. Democrats got a gut check with a new poll from Quinnipiac showing that their lead in the generic ballot had been sliced by half for the midterm elections. . .

The Quinnipiac University poll found that Democrats had a generic ballot lead of 7 points, with 49 percent of Americans saying they’d vote for a Democrat while 42 percent said they’d vote for a Republican.

This lead represents half of the advantage the Democrats had in the same poll from September, when 52 percent of Americans said they’d vote for Democrats, while only 38 percent said they supported Republicans.

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We’re Running Thousands of Midterm Simulations Until Election Day

By TIME. After a humbling round of misfires in 2016, political forecasters now face an even more daunting challenge: Predicting the results of 470 simultaneous Congressional elections at a time when yesterday’s rules seem to no longer apply.

Not to be discouraged, most election handicappers predict a surge in Democratic turnout that may well flip the House of Representatives to Democratic control. That said, Congressional election outlooks have a sizable margin of error given the sheer number of races, less comprehensive polling and fluctuating turnout rates.

To get a handle on how likely Republicans are to lose either the House or the Senate, TIME is using the forecasts of three major political seers to create 10,000 electoral simulations every day, which you can activate below. In the electoral maps below, you can select predictions by Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, The Cook Political Report, Inside Elections, or a combination of all three to see, based on the confidence level of each race’s outlook, how likely it is for each scenario to play out in November. (Read more from “We’re Running Thousands of Midterm Simulations Until Election Day” HERE)

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