Black Friday Mayhem: Brawls, Shots Fired, Guards Beating Back Angry Hordes. Merry Christmas!

That quaking beneath your feet is not a stampede; it’s the march of hungry consumers barging through the local Best Buy in pursuit of that 50% off SmartTV for Black Friday.

Nothing quite says “Merry Christmas!” like beating the living daylights out of a total stranger for snagging the last “Sally Wets Her Pants” doll on the shelf. Gone are the days of gathering around the fireplace for some Nat King Cole and roasted chestnuts; in 2018, Black Friday is the ritual by which we welcome the “most wonderful season of all,” and this year started off with a bang … literally. . .

According to local reports, an altercation between two adults outside of a Footaction at the Riverchase Galleria in Alabama resulted in one death and two injuries after a 21-year-old male suspect pulled his gun and fired on an 18-year-old male shopper. . .

Another Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama, closed early last year when police were called in to break a brawl up between two women. Witnesses at the time reported of seeing a shoe thrown in the scuffle which planted into a baby’s face.

On social media, cell phone video footage at varying Walmarts showed fights and brawls breaking out between customers as well as employees forged with the impossible task of quelling the rabid masses. At one Walmart in an unspecified city, video showed customers wrestling over a stack of television sets. Another video at another Walmart showed two men fighting as their significant others cursed them out. This video shows security guards pushing customers back as they stampede through the store.

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