Border Wall Costume Leads to Administrative Leave for 14 School Employees

Fourteen Idaho school employees were put on administrative leave after wearing costumes of President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall and outfits that depicted Mexicans.

Middleton School District Superintendent Josh Middleton made the announcement Saturday morning after a special board meeting that addressed the costumes. A letter to the district’s community and parents outlined steps the district would take following the politically-charged costumes.

The plan includes having security at Middleton Heights Elementary School, having the District’s “Crisis Team” to “support the social-emotional well-being, for students, staff and parents,” and cultural sensitivity training for staff.

“Middleton is under a microscope, and I view this as an opportunity to learn and grow from this incident, and even more create enhanced learning environments where Every Child Learning Every Day is wrapped in Every Child Shown Kindness, Respect and Love Everyday,” Middleton wrote.

Photos of the school employees wearing sombreros and ponchos to represent Mexicans and a border wall costume that read “Make America Great Again” were posted on the school’s Facebook page Thursday night, but were later removed. Screenshots of the pictures went viral, according to The Associated Press. (Read more from “Border Wall Costume Leads to Administrative Leave for 14 School Employees” HERE)

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