Boy, 9, in Hasidic Jewish Clothing Beaten by Strangers

A 9-year-old boy dressed in Hasidic Jewish clothing was beaten in an apparently unprovoked attack in Brooklyn on Sunday night, and police are now investigating the assault as a hate crime.

NYPD said the boy was walking home in Williamsburg when a man – described as a black teenager – approached him and repeatedly punched him in the face. . .

The suspect was described as a male, between the ages of 14 to 18. He was approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and was last seen wearing a gray hoodie with a black patch on the sleeve. . .

In October, a teenager was arrested for viciously attacking a Jewish man in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights less than an hour after he was released from police custody for an unrelated shoplifting incident.

Days earlier, a New York City cab driver was caught on video beating a Jewish man in the middle of an intersection. The victim, Lipa Schwartz, reportedly told local officials the alleged attacker yelled the words “Allah” and “Israel” while pummeling him. (Read more from “Boy, 9, in Hasidic Jewish Clothing Beaten by Strangers” HERE)

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